Cancer Season 2022

On June 21, The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of Cancer Season 2022. Cancer season starts on the summer solstice, the day when the sun is at its highest and most patent stage—illuminating the core issues of the zodiac sign of cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, representing instincts and protection. It governs the
physical rhythms, such as the oceans and autonomic processes in the body; it represents the female aspect: the mother and the Goddess. The moon also represents the Yin, the feminine, the dark aspect of consciousness. And as the sun represents the Yang, aspect, the light, the father, and the ego, from tomorrow, after the solstice goes back to its weaker stage, it represents a time where the ego is giving place for the more all-loving heart energy.

Together with the other planetary alignments, like Jupiter and Saturn, it presents a time for
self-reflection regarding the female, the mother, nurturing capacity, nurturing our inner light, and the light we want to shine in the world. It allows us to check in and see where we are still hiding within our shells and are not stepping out in the light.

The summer solstice energy encourages us not to give up on our dreams but to keep going,
and we will reach our goals. It is auspicious time we are entering where we can expect gifts,
positive messages, and positive outcomes.

We can expect to be very emotional during this time, but if we stay focused, positive, and
grateful, we can manifest beautiful things.

Use this time to ponder over these questions bringing in your awareness

Shadow work:
Who are you by nature? How can you enhance your intuition?
Are you aligned with your higher purpose?
Or are you living someone else’s life in their shadows?
Are you nurturing your creative self?

Security and protection:
What is holding you back? How are you holding yourself back? Do you feel supported? What can you do to enhance your gifts and talents?

What are you feeding yourself? How are you nurturing yourself and others? Both literally and metaphorically. Check your eating and drinking habits. Do you have addictions that you need to deal with?

Are you feeling exhausted? To boost your energy, go out in nature, swim in the water, and get some summer solstice sun on your body.

Practice self-care and be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to receive from others.

Do you need to create more boundaries to feel safe? Who are you holding on to feel secure?
The cancer season will bring a Spotlight on your emotional needs. Are your primal needs met?
If you are feeling lonely, get out there and socialize. This is a great time to connect with your tribe and deepen the bonds with people you care for.

Make your home more homely and safe. Check if you are holding on to emotional artifacts to
feel safe?

Or perhaps you need to bring out your inherited antiques and dust them off.

Connect to your heritage and ancestors and bring out the good old times.

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