True Star Coaching Packages

Individual Private Coaching

Are you ready for a life shift and discover your life purpose?

Now is the time for you to wake up, awaken and step into your True Starlight and embrace who you really are.

A True Star!

Booking a minimum of 5 sessions with True Star coaching, or ideally ten sessions, ensures a comprehensive and transformative experience that maximizes your results. In the realm of personal development, lasting change takes time and consistent effort. The structure of multiple sessions allows for deeper exploration, goal refinement, and sustained progress.
With five sessions, you can establish a foundation, address immediate challenges, and set initial goals. However, to truly ingrain new habits, conquer more entrenched obstacles, and witness holistic transformation, ten sessions provide the necessary space for continued growth and reinforcement. This extended engagement enables your coach to tailor strategies to your evolving needs, track progress, and ensure accountability.
Real change involves unraveling old patterns and building new, empowering ones – a process that benefits from ongoing guidance. The additional sessions offer room for setbacks, realignments, and breakthroughs, ultimately leading to the sustainable and substantial results you seek through True Star coaching.

If you are new here I recommend that you book a one-on-one private session with me first before you sign up for the packages, that way we can figure out if we are a good fit for each other to achieve your desired goals and what packages suits your needs.

5 Sessions = $796 (SAVE $199)

10 Sessions = $1,592 (SAVE $398)

[ Please read The True Star Coaching Policies, Terms and Conditions for further information. ]

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