Could COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) be the Greatest Gift to Humanity?

During these challenging times, depending on our perspective, we have the choice to see the hidden opportunity, in the disguise of COVID-19. Most of us are hunkering down at home, some with family members, but many of us are alone; may be feeling left out, lonely, or depressed. As humans, we need basic things like social interaction and community to survive and feel good. So when these basics things are ripped away from our lives, we are forced to feel things that might be very uncomfortable. Such as fear for the future, our lives, and worrying about our near and dear ones.

If we watch television or listen to the radio, we are constantly being fed information about what is going on in the world. This can make us feel fearful, anxious and stressed out. We might not be able to sleep, so some might start taking medication or even grabbing a bottle of wine to be able to relax and chill down. We have to remember that the information on the news passes through many people who may fabricate it to get stronger reactions. Unfortunately, mainstream media is controlled by six major companies that would do anything to stay in power. So, considering that dramatic news stories tend to keep more people interested, thus creating more money, we must carefully weigh what news resonates true to us, versus what may be over-exaggerated or produced in a manner to make the news seem more alarming. In the current world which is so full of information, we must pay attention to our inner calling and what our inner voice tells us.

I’d like to remind you that you are the creator of your reality and as strange as it might seem, you can create what you want.

You don’t have to believe what you hear and see on the news. 

You can turn within and start listening to your heart and your higher self.

You are connected to the source, as everything on this earth is energy.

You can connect to the global consciousness, where all the information exists.

By tapping into your intuition and your higher self, you can also connect to the energy that connects us all, the source field, the global consciousness.

You are not a victim of the circumstances around you and can break free from any situation. You do this by taking personal leadership. The first step is to acknowledge that power and create awareness about this. Awareness is created by listening within, and now is a great opportunity to do that since we have a lot of blame on our hands. Start by asking yourself: How am I feeling right now? Are you happy and content, or are you worried, anxious and stressed out? Are you starting to get annoyed at people around you, your family members, your neighbors or just people you just see outside who are not socially distancing? If everything was possible, what would you like to feel? Wouldn’t you rather feel free, abundant, or joyful? If you answer yes to this question, what can you do here and now to change your way of thinking?

You see, it all starts with the thought. Your dreams are energy, and by visualizing what you want, you will start manifesting it. We have been programmed so long by society to follow a specific plan in life that we forgot our power to create our own. We have become fearful of ourselves and our power, and we are obedient slaves to society. We are all lions in sheep costumes pretending to be weak because it’s easier to follow a predisposed plan. So we live life, is the greatest illusion, in fear of what other people will say, think and do if we go against the stream.

It is time to be the roaring lion and throw off that sheep costume

Now it is the greatest time to sit and reflect on who you are, and what your purpose in life is. By looking at the things we are annoyed about, we can learn about things within ourselves where we need to heal, evolve, or let go of. Then there is always a win-win situation and no need to struggle and fight. Do you know that you are unique? There is no one like you out there. You have a unique set up of frequencies that make you who you are. What are the unique gifts that you can share with the world? It doesn’t have to be grand, and you don’t have to be the next Oprah, Einstein, Trump, Tiger Woods or Kim Kardashian. You only have to live your destiny and fulfill your life by living YOUR life to the fullest, whatever that means for you.

So how do we do that? Well, firstly we have to know who we are. That can take time because we have learned from society, our parents, church, religion, culture, and tradition to believe in certain ideas, what is wrong and right. We have made all these beliefs our own, and we have to let go of everything that we thought we were to find out what we are. In truth, we are energy; we are light beings having an earthly experience in a 3D space, a dense world, where we experience duality, and contrast. Many of us are here to learn what it is to live in physical reality and experience different emotions. But we have forgotten our true origin and have bought into the illusion that we are only this body and that our life will end as we grow older and our body will die.

Through meditation, we can connect to the source field that exists within us, we can clear away the monkey mind chatter and start listening within, creating a better connection with our higher self. This practice is key because the only way out of the illusion is by going into the place where we created it, our minds. This can take years of practice, or it can happen very quickly. Since we are all connected on some level, we can break down not only our programming but global programming. We are connected in the source field, and as you deprogram yourself will make it easier for others. The “Web” of illusion will grow weaker and weaker. You will have to start looking inside to see and understand your thought pa erns; now you can start journaling, noticing your emotions, where you react to things by default—becoming aware and conscious about the program you have bought into. Is what you are feeling based on the truth or is it something you have been taught to feel and react too?

We need warriors at this time; I am not talking about soldiers fighting in the middle east, I am talking about spiritual warriors. You have to slay your demons inside your head, your emotions, clearing yourself from bad thought, negative thought pa erns, and addictive emotional patterns. Meditation is like medicine. At first, it tastes bad; it is difficult to swallow, your system will resist because it is so programmed and conditioned to the old ways. Your body doesn’t like to change. But as you break down your old self, the true and original you that is free will arise to the surface. YOU will feel so much better, so much more empowered, so much more free and then you will understand so much more about yourself and who you are. And as you practice grows deeper you will be rejuvenated and reconnected to the pure love that is the core of who you truly are.

As you are awakening, you will need to spend time alone away from the old habits, the old program, it’s like an alcoholic trying to get sober while living in a spirit /wine store. You have to be determined to succeed and you have to seek up those that can support you and love you for who you truly are. People that live with you might revolt seeing you expanding beyond what they know is the normal you, this can freak them out, and they will try to keep you where you were before because that is what is familiar to them. Here you have to be strong and committed to yourself, and it can be challenging because you don’t want to lose their love. Now you have to trust that source has your back, just relax and stop fighting. Allow yourself to unfold naturally while also creating new boundaries for yourself, and communicating, sharing your experience freely without fear and expectations of how others will react to you. You can only control yourself, not others; Allow people to have their journey of life, their own experience.

This is why the Corona Virus is so important, it is the greatest gift to us all if we choose to see the potential of it because it allows us to turn inside. To be grateful for the things that are working in our lives, that we are living on a beautiful planet and there is so much positive potential that can come out of this experience. Maybe we have to learn more about our partners and our children, or maybe we have reconnected with old friends. But most of all we have the chance to reconnect to our true higher self so when this pandemic is all over we can arise a new, like the phoenix.

This is really a great awakening

Corona, or crown in Latin, allows us to heal ourselves so that we can heal others and the world. So isn’t it the time that we grow up, take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, and emotions and put on our authentic crown, so that we all can be true kings and queens and rule the world from an unconditionally loving place?

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