Crystals and Gemstones

Stones have been used throughout time and age as healing tools for both men and animals by all ancient cultures and traditions. Today it has become a trend to use minerals to beautify oneself or their home, and some, of course, use them as spiritual and healing tools. Many, though, still have no clue that these are actual living, sentient, magical beings and deserve to be respected.

Stones, gemstones, and minerals are thought forms created from the mind of our creator/ source/ GOD that have been translated into lower planes/ dimensions by angelic energy beings. So, one can say that stones are the sensory organs for the angels on a physical plane.

Stones are the most stable form of divine energy/ vibration and will not deplete like an herb or flower. However, plants are also sentient beings that can show emotions. Everything that moves has emotions; a word that in its root means to move away or push away from. Emotions in the universe are what create evolution. Something I will go into another time.

All energy systems leave vibrational imprints on each other, and through their interactions, these imprints become what we think of as memory. Memories accumulate to form a kind of personality of the energy system; in this case, it is the stone.

Even though they appear to be solid, every mineral on earth has life because it vibrates. The solid stone has its life and consciousness in another dimension. When a certain vibration is anchored in the physical plane, it can crystalize itself into a specific stone. This pure vibration from the stone can be used for any purpose, such as powerful healing and spiritual activation.

To perceive the stone’s personality and feel its life force, we have to enter into a more conscious state of being. Today it is challenging to live in this mindful state because we are constantly bombarded by different waves such as EMF electromagnetic fields and so many other outer aspects being forced upon us. Most people are disconnected from spirit due to conditioning and poor choices created from unawareness; they live low vibrational lives, unbeknownst of their real potential and consciousness, and act out survival and basic needs.

According to one of my Teachers, Dr. Robert Gilbert at The Vesica Institute, stones have 12 functions:

  1. Stable anchors of energy and consciousness on the physical plane
  2. Organs of perception and activity for higher Spiritual Beings on the physical plane
  3. Manifestation of spiritual energy and consciousness on earth
  4. Resonance with higher beings, planes, and functions
  5. Imprint consciousness (Thoughtforms) and Energy Storage
  6. Energy clearer
  7. Energy Condenser
  8. Energy regulator and modulator
  9. Energy transformer
  10. Energy focuser (Vogel Crystal)
  11. Energy projector
  12. Energy activator

When I work with gems and crystals, I always ask permission to connect with them first. When I’m granted, I feel a sense of joy as they wake up realizing that they are being seen, heard, and noticed. I feel like stones are asleep, but with our awareness and intention, we can wake them up and inspire them to work together with us. It is truly a magical journey to work with rocks and one I warmly can recommend living a more magical life. We must reenter that childlike state of mind where everything is alive and mysterious to experience this magic.

In my practice, I use gemstones for several purposes for myself, my body, mind, and soul, and to generate more healing energy in my facilities. I often hear from my clients and guest coming to my house that the energy is tangible. And yes, I do get to play around with some amazing rocks and gemstones. In my True Star Awakening training, you will find out much more about gems and crystals and exactly what gems and crystals you need. When I am working one on one with clients, we discover together which stones will help their specific needs and how to apply them to their life. Sometimes I have the client lie down, and I apply the stones to energy spots on the body. It is remarkable how it works, but it does.

If you are interested in knowing more or want to experience the benefits of gems and crystals, you can either sign up for the next True Star Training or get a session with me by booking here.

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