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Ebba P. Karlsson

True Star Transformational Life Coaching is the program, but there is more to the story than simply creating a course. Behind True Star’s packages, there is the mind that made it all—and I would love to introduce myself to you!

My name is Ebba P. Karlsson. The ‘P’ stands for Palmcrantz, which is my maiden name, but it also has a more personal meaning to me: Phoenix. I have always been fond of the symbol of the phoenix because I feel that it mirror’s my soul’s purpose—and it is also the highest version of the zodiac sign for Scorpio! Which is also my constellation sign.

The Phoenix is a symbol for rising from the ashes and flying high, and this is something that I have always found to be relatable.

“Life isn’t always easy, but when it gets hard, I never let it keep me down.”

Each time something unfortunate happens, I learn from it and rise up to the next phase of my life. While I am old enough to have seen my fair share of troubles at all phases of life, I prefer to think of myself as timeless because I always adapt and grow with each new turn around the sun.

Since I was a young woman growing up in Sweden, I have always been a bit of a rebel and a lone wolf—but back then, I lacked confidence . I never felt like I fitted in anywhere, and this took me to darker periods within my life. One night, I was considering self-harm, and it was here that I first found myself connected to the stars beyond my window.

Now, I’m a bit of an urban mystic, a truth activist, inspirationalist, illuminist, and an awakener. I’m also a huge shadow worker. My passion in life—and I believe my calling—is to seek out truth from the world around me and help to illuminate the path for other people. So many of us are merely asleep at the wheel, which is why I aim to wake people up and remind them of the individual powerful starlight within each of us.

At first, I perceived the starlight as outside of me before I ever knew that it was within me. I recall feeling like a broken young woman, unsure of who I was or what I wanted. My thoughts were teeming with discomfort and pain, confusion, and suffering. But the stars changed that. As I stared out at them, their presence washed over me. I could feel their love at that moment. It was connecting me to something much bigger than me, they reminded me of the bigger picture, the connection to a potential bigger family out there, and I realized just how much more there was to learn about life.

For me, the presence of this unimaginable love was so strong that I knew it was up to me to become a fighter. There was more out there for me. I just needed to find it, which is what sparked my life journey of seeking out truth.

If you are curious about my journey and want to learn more, you can check out my book.

At the young age of 15, I began my journey to find some of the answers that I was looking for. While other kids were more interested in pursuing the standard life, like partying, sports and beauty, and living up to expectations as well as competing against each other, I faced some hard times as I fell pregnant and  chose to have an abortion. At this time my family was starting to heal and meditate, and I started as well, hoping to find my personal spiritual truth. Growing up with a mother who was an astrologer and homeopath, I was exposed to more alternative and spiritual methods of creating a healthy and balanced life.

Growing up, I always loved to study, but I wasn’t the best student. My passion for learning has been with me my entire life, but academics was simply not the place for me. I’ve always been energetic and driven to make my own way and try my hand at new skills. Even at a young age, I was incredibly business-minded and spent time coming up with new business ideas.

While I was able to explore these ideas at a young age, I was not free from the dangers that life could bring. When I was 20 years old, I was discovered by a modeling scout. He took me off to Monaco for a swimsuit modeling job, but his intentions were anything but pure.

When I was there, I was raped by the scout and then trafficked to Paris. There, the owner of the famous modeling agency, Elite, sexually assaulted me. Driven by the deep damage inflicted by these crimes, I was compelled to focus on therapy so that I could begin healing.

To learn more about the incident and my recovery, you can read about it here.

Though these incidents did change me, they do not define me. I am not a victim however I was victimized. Instead, I turned tragedy into inspiration and was part of founding Victorious Angels, an organization that is focused on bringing awareness to the sexual assaults in the fashion and modelling industry and being a voice for those who have been abused. Victorious Angels have now moved on to work with organizations like the Model Alliance that offer support for the victims of these crimes so that they can begin their path towards healing like I did.

I have always been driven by a passion for growth and success, and that did not stop despite the ashes that I found myself in when the crimes occurred. It seemed obvious that there was more out there for me—more good that was just waiting, hiding around some corner.

Life’s Natural Course

To make my way, I took on a wide range of business endeavors. Everything from delivering mail to managing at The Body Shop. My journey led me to work as a bartender, a nurse for the sick and elderly, and so much more. Along the way, I met countless wonderful people, each with their own story to tell. By 26, I was attempting to open my own holistic center so that I could help people to heal. In that same year, I found myself completely burned out.

Still, I needed more, so I enrolled in a personal leadership training to help guide me and give me more clarity in life. It was there that I met my former husband, professional golfer, Robert Karlsson. This sparked a new section of my life where I began as an assistant at a personal development and health organization. At the time, I worked as Robert’s personal trainer and assistant. My time was spent cooking raw foods and performing healing arts on him.

This seemed like the right path for me, so I started studying at medical school to become a holistic practitioner, but everything changed when I became pregnant with our first child.

For a while, life felt like it couldn’t get any better. Robert and I led an exciting life together. We raised two wonderful children and lived in Monte Carlo with a summer house in Swedish Lapland. We traveled the world for golf tournaments and worked on personal leadership. Together, we saw good times and hard times until 2019 when we separated.

Robert is one of the most gifted and disciplined people that I know, and I learned so much from him. He taught me valuable life lessons and led us to meet so many interesting people, experiences which only pushed my journey along further. Along the way, I learned about health and wellness, sports, achieving your goals, and so much more.

More importantly, I learned that success often looks glamorous on the surface, even when there is trouble deep within. The highlight of our marriage was working together and being a part of taking the European Ryder Cup to win in Paris 2018.

But life has other bigger plans—and it is best not to get stuck in one place when others are waiting for you up ahead. We realized that we had grown apart. After so much time together, we made the right (but difficult) choice to divorce. To this day, we are friends.

The Awakening

It was in 2012 that my spiritual growth really began to advance. Around this point in time, I began to hear my inner voice clearly for the first time. Inside, I felt an urging to get back to my roots and seek out some of those truths. Up until this point, I had been living by the expectations of those around me.

Back then, I was working with a coach and a network of people that I absolutely treasured. We worked on personal leadership, and I was proud of what I learned, but after many years, I realized that I simply was not living my truth. Like many, I was just molding myself into what others wanted me to be.

For anyone who has had this realization, it is a hard wakeup call. Years of my life had been invested into my achievements. My energy, my love, and my personal power—and now, a voice inside told me to leave it all behind. It was a risk, but I honored that voice. It was time for me to move on, so I did.

Around then, I began ballroom dancing with Robert. First, it started as a way to relate to my husband, but it quickly grew into so much more. Dancing became a way to honor my body and my mind, and it transformed my understanding of the human body. I now understood athletes in a way that I simply could not have before, and I got pretty good at it too!

Spending a little time honoring my body in the limelight woke me up in a new way. I felt myself reconnect with my body and began to listen to what it was telling me. In doing this, I was able to break through fears I didn’t realize that I was holding and step into my power. As a result of this, I became a US National Amateur Champion in 2016 and I ended up winning several competitions.

My journey as a coach began.

The Coach

Using my own knowledge and experience, I began coaching professional athletes and high performers. Finally, I understood the challenges of what they were going through, and I began to rethink my purpose.

My children were older and more independent, and I needed to understand myself better. It was then that I made the decision to work with a coach to help determine what I wanted to do with my life. Working with a coach, I realized that I could push through my difficult experiences and find my own message. Choosing to become a coach myself felt obvious when I reflected upon it.

I became a certified Law of Attraction Coach and a Creating Money Coach by the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Officially, I was a member of the ICF, the International Coach Federation. Founding my coaching company, True Star Coaching, to help others align with the truest versions of themselves felt like the next step, so I founded the company and wrote my spiritual memoir, True Starlight.

Compelled to take my process further, in 2017, I made the decision to go on a sacred pilgrimage to South France. It was here that I united both the sacred feminine and masculine aspects of myself by reconnecting with an ancient past where I had a lifetime as a priestess of ancient and sacred wisdom.

It was here that I understood that we must seek a deeper understanding within ourselves and that sacred places can play a role. We can use them to connect with older versions of ourselves and remember the ancient energies that flow through us.

You can learn about my next sacred journey here.

In 2018, I had a new transcendent experience. When an energy worker was working on my body, I had what is called a Kundalini awakening. Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe and felt a deep energy explosion. For a moment, I thought that I was dying and felt like I was drifting away into a deep void. At first, I felt scared, but then I realized that I was a part of the nothingness. In that moment, I was part of everything, and everything was energy, I found myself in unity with the universe.

On that day, I lost my fear of dying and found the goal of my pursuit for deeper truths. Later, I realized that I had awakened my Kundalini energy, a dormant life force at the bottom of our spine. Historically, only spiritual masters have been able to awaken this energy, but I must have been ready for it to happen.

Today, my intention is to be a modeling mirror, and to remind people of their light, so they can step out of their shadows, be deprogrammed and unconditioned and ultimately regain their power as the True Star  that they truly are.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m a humanitarian rebel that likes to break rules and rebel against oppression and manipulation

  • I’m a music lover and grew up headbanging to British heavy metal like Iron Maiden

  • I’ve traveled to 35 countries and visited many sacred places

  • My heroine was Anita Roddick the founder of The Body Shop

  • I have a Sanskrit name, Bodhi Nandan meaning the Garden of Awareness given to me by OSHO

  •  I am Ballroom Amateur US National Champion

  • I was a backup singer in a band but wanted to be the guitarist.

  • I’m a spiritual junky and obsessed with learning about the secret mysteries of life and how to become illuminated beings, more empowered and magical, and learn how to create miracles

  • Swimming in cold water is invigorating

  • I laugh at my own jokes

  • I wanted to be a roller-skating disco queen when I grew up and loved roller skating

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