Embracing The Darkness

It’s the month of Scorpio and we are headed towards the darkest time of the year. I love this time of year, not only because it’s my birthday month but because of what it can bring to us in the form of growth. The season brings us inwards, encouraging us to stay inside and to snuggle longer under blankets. Because of Covid and lockdown, many of us have been dealing with staying home for a while now. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic opportunity that I would like to share more about.

Scorpio is about death and transformation, which can sound tragic and scary, but if you look at nature, it is a process we couldn’t live without. If we didn’t have death, we wouldn’t have life; if we didn’t have darkness, we wouldn’t have light. It is all about polarity. It is not a coincidence that Scorpio not only is represented by a Scorpio but six other animals as well, as this signifies the journey of transformation from the lower frequencies to the higher ones. 1, The Spider 2. The Scorpion 3 the lizard 4. The serpent 5. The wolf 6. The eagle or Dove. 7 The phoenix. These animals all show how we as humans can evolve from a self-centered child to a wiser unconditionally loving grown-up with magical qualities.

I suggest you read up on this and look at where you are on this journey. Furthermore, this is the time to allow ourselves to let go of what is no longer serving our highest good, to let go of old wounds and hurts, of betrayal, and ask ourselves, what is the gift that was brought to us through the pain we experienced. When we acknowledge the lessons in our pain we can grow, becoming more authentic and a new version of ourselves.

Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio; Pluto is the planet that rules the underworld, the hidden, the occult, and secrets; Mars rules over wars, passion, action, fire. These are the energies that Scorpio month is illuminating. Scorpio also rules the sexual organs, the root chakra and the lower energies such as survival will power, and desire.

This is a great month to allow yourself to go deep, to ponder about the things that really matter in your life. As we dig deep, just like the Scorpio, we uncover hidden things within ourselves and might understand some parts of our subconscious, by asking ourselves some deeper questions about our life.

For instance, are you living in your truth, or are you still hiding from yourself and others?

What are some secrets that you might have that needs to be brought into the light?

We can take a look at our deepest fears, asking ourselves how being fearful can rule our lives if we are not aware of how much energy and power it has over our actions. Fear is based on survival, and if we can trace it back to the roots, we can heal and move on. If you look at your life, how is fear controlling your life? What kind of fear-based beliefs do you have? Are they benefiting your highest good? One good example is checking with yourself how much what you hear and see is making you feel fearful. Is looking at the news, for instance, making you feel more empowered and joyful, or is creating more doubt, chaos, and fear inside of you?

A few days ago, I came back from Egypt, where I spend time with one of the most amazing people, Matias De Stefano. This Argentinian man remembers not only his previous lives on this planet but other planets as well. You can see his show Initiation on Gaia.com. He has an amazing talent to remember information about who we truly are and what the meaning of life is, he also loves to share his perspective with others. I was fortunate to be part of a small group of people that came together to learn from him, and it was amazing how he tied together so many things that had been a mystery to me for so long. When I wrote my book True Starlight, I had received so many different keys and learned a lot, but I could not tie them together and see the bigger picture. But after these days with him and the group, I have a greater understanding.

I now have a whole new sense of things and understand myself a whole lot more. I will explain this more in the future and also in the next book that I have started to write. (I am also creating a training so that my new insights will be incorporated into that). I also had the chance to interview Matias so keep an eye open for the interview that will be up on my YouTube channel.

In one of the exercises we did, we worked on figuring out our greatest fears. I was surprised to find out that mine was afraid of abandonment. I could feel that this was a very old pattern, not only from this lifetime but from many lives before and maybe even beyond this planet. I even experienced myself being abandoned as a dolphin caught in a net, and my family of dolphins had to let me go since they couldn’t get me out.

Fear of abandonment is a big one. It is easy to forget the truth and get lost in the illusion that we are separate from everything around us since we identify with our bodies in this reality and forget that we are energy having an earthly experience. We need to remember that there is more to this world than just the physical and everything has the same energy running through it, including ourselves, we are just spirits having an earthly experience and we are not separated, it just feels that way since that what we can experience with our senses.

We are here to experience emotions, and we are here to feel polarity, to experience contrast, but that doesn’t mean that the world only consists of emotions, polarity, and contrast.

Feeling our energy is very important and one of the biggest energies we can feel besides basic needs, hunger, and thirst, is our sexuality. Even though sexuality may feel taboo, especially here in the USA, it is important to ask yourself questions about it without judging yourself. 

  • What are some fears I have around sexuality?
  • Do I express my sexuality freely?
  • Do I have guilt, shame, or judgment around it?
  • Am I holding my sexuality back? Do I allow myself to feel pleasure?

Sexual energy is powerful because it is the source of life. But we often get stuck in that energy and struggle moving it upwards to the rest of our body. This is because most of us have a lot to heal in this area. After all, it is not a coincidence that our kundalini energy is based at the end of the spine. Our mission is to raise that energy, raise our consciousness, so that we can balance ourselves and raise the kundalini energy within us to all parts of our being, becoming aware of our true being and potential. That brings me to the issue that I have been facing since we embarked on the journey to expose Gerald Marie and Elite the model agency.

Since the investigation started in Paris a lot more victims have come forth and started to talk, and I can say I was right the whole time, we are facing a huge pedophilia sex trafficking ring and it is connected to Jean Luc Brunel, Jeff Epstein, and many more. I never realized that I put my life in danger by talking about what happened to me, but it is part of the process of healing and balancing not only myself but everything since we are all connected.  

The month of November can feel very heavy and dark. It’s easy to feel powerless and meaningless, I urge you though not to fight this but to go within, meditate, dare to go deep, and look within yourselves. Maybe you will discover more gems than you think.

Remember that pressure is what makes a diamond and sometimes we have to mine to find them.

Remember at the core that is what you are. A precious gem!

Some questions that can help you on your way might be:

  • What are some ways that you can say yes to yourself? 
  • How are you holding yourself back?
  • Are you aware of your sexuality, and how is it benefiting you in your life?
  • How can you use your darkness to benefit you and your growth?

Please comment if you feel called to do so. I would love to know how you are dealing with your own inner darkness.

Be Stellar, 


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