Lion's Gate

Lion’s Gate

The Lion’s Gate is a cosmic portal, happening every year on the 8th of August in the sign of Leo, the eight months of the year. It’s an opportunity to align to your higher self and connect to unity consciousness. The number 8 is also the number of infinity, reminding us of our infinite soul. It is the number of abundances, power, and higher realms of consciousness and DNA activation. It’s an excellent time to charge and clear our energy for receiving all the above.

Every year in mid-august, during the “Dog Days” of summer, the dog star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, rises above the horizon. In ancient Egypt and even before, in Atlantis, the people believed that this cosmic alignment caused not only flooded the Nile with water so that the land could be nourished but also provided physical and spiritual nourishment to the people. As the star rises in the sky, Orion’s belt aligns with the great pyramids. When the blue star Sirius rose above the horizon, it was the beginning of the Atlantean year for the Atlanteans. They are believed to exist about 12000 years ago and followed the movement of the star Sirius in the sky.

In 11.000- 8000 BC, the ice age was melting away, and a new civilization was being born on our planet. In our history books, we can read about the stone age. Still, there was likely a more advanced civilization living in Egypt. They naturally adored and honored the sun, the life-giver, that melted the ice away, and according to the astrological zodiac chart, this occurred in the age of Leo. New scientific discoveries suggest that the Sphinx in Egypt was built at that time or perhaps even earlier. Looking at the Sphinx today, it is pretty clear that it had another head before the one it has today that supposedly was erected to the Pharaoh Khafre. Perhaps it did have the head of a lion?

Throughout the times, this portal is believed to bring cosmic light codes from the sun and Sirius. These cosmic light codes activate humans on a quantum level causing intense ascension symptoms such as existential stress and physical symptoms in the body. The stomach and solar plexus are extra sensitive since the zodiac sign of Leo governs them and is also ruled by the sun.

It is time to ask yourself who you are and what is out of alignment. We are indeed galactic beings having an earthly experience. Be courageous like a lion and dare to let go of 3D tethers and detach from earthly matters. Take a good look at who you think you are and what you identify with. Are these truths, or have you been conditioned to believe this is who you are?
See if you can allow yourself to drop your personality and everything you have come to believe about yourself.

Work on releasing the lack of consciousness and instead invite gratitude for everything happening in your life. See yourself as a part of the bigger picture. To find more peace of mind, discover your highest joy. Follow it and remember that we are living in an abundant universe where everything is possible. Surrender to the transformation of the change in the air, and aligning with your highest self is essential. Breath deeper because the time has come for the great shift from individual consciousness to unity consciousness. We are one!

Humanity is finally awakening from thousands of years of living in the darkness, and just like sleeping beauty, we have been asleep. Since 2012 cosmic energy has been showering us from the divine in the universe to awaken us, and we have been on an extremely fast track of evolution to become conscious. The Lion’s Gate holds the master key to illumination. For the first time globally, we can now connect to the greater sun and the central sun, and the Christ consciousness. Within us, all resides a dormant power, aka kundalini, a life force that can be awakened by raising our own vibration through activating our consciousness. Now it’s the time to step up and live like leaders, like real kings and queens, and be like roaring lions. The Lions portal symbolizes our awakening to becoming royal, illuminated beings. Humanity has been pushed like ever before, and more can be expected until we truly get it and release all the negativity in our hearts in the kingdom of heaven. Because the kingdom of heaven is within, and its up to you and me to start living every day like we live in paradise. Now is your time!

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