My Story 2018

My name is Ebba P Karlsson. I’m a Swedish Mom of two kids in my late 40ties. I’m married to Robert Karlsson, one of the best professional golfers in the world.

I currently live in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina with my family and moved here after 13 years from Monte-Carlo, Monaco in 2010.

My passions in life are all kinds of things that make life more beautiful and fun; dancing, music, art, children, nature, healthy foods and drinks, animals, movement, body care, meditation, and the healing and spiritual techniques but most of all I love coaching and sharing the gift of freedom; To be who we truly are and to connect to our higher selves.

My childhood was pretty chaotic. When I was 14 years old, I wanted to kill myself. My life was a mess. I was miserable and depressed. I couldn’t see any light in the darkness. I was raised in a very pretentious environment, a wealthy neighborhood, where you were supposed to be perfect. My dad was in the music business and was notoriously unfaithful. My mom was an alcoholic and emotionally unstable. They were very naïve, and by an early age, I felt like I had to be their parent and to take care of them. I felt worthless.

Then one night, I was standing in our family kitchen, looking out the window up to the starry sky. I had decided that I had enough of them. I couldn’t stand it anymore. The way I saw it, this was the only way out. The pain I carried inside of me for so long was so painful that I couldn’t take it any longer, so I took a big sharp kitchen knife and pressed it against my wrist, to hurt myself, to kill myself and to make them suffer, to make them regret everything that they had done to me. The knife was very sharp, and as I pushed the blade to my skin, I looked up again at the sky.

The sky was filled with the most beautiful stars shining down on me. I took a deep breath and took it all in. At that moment something shifted within me. I knew instantly that this was not my destiny, I was not meant to die, I was meant for something bigger. I felt a deep connection and love from the stars, the universe, and the whole. I realized that I was loved and that I loved life. I couldn’t kill myself. My love for the world was so much larger than the pain in me.

Later my love for life and longing for purpose took me many routes through dark waters. I accidentally became pregnant when I was 15 and had to have an abortion. My family finally got some help, and we started to meditate together, and that changed my life.

I found a more profound connection within that I had forgotten about in the early dramatic years of my childhood. I became a better student and found more peace of mind. My teenage years became a search for truth and love. I studied many different spiritual books and techniques. I was always looking for happiness and confirmation outside of myself, be it a new boyfriend or another spiritual book.

By the age of 21 I became interested in healing and helping the planet, so I started working for the Body Shop, the English body, and hair care company and became a manager of one of the Body Shops stores in Stockholm, Sweden. I learned as much as I could about social business, fair trade, beauty, and health. But my longing for approval lead me to go to France and work as a model, but it was all set up, and I was being sex trafficked, luckily I survived.

At the age of 26 I started my own company, a holistic health center, but was not ready to take on such endeavor, so I withdrew very shamefully, and I decided to leave it behind and go and search for the truth inside of myself instead. I went to do a leadership training and then later a “Meet your self” course, a personal self-development training, where I met my current husband. That’s when I started to get to know my real self.

Shortly after that, I started to work for my husband as I had just finished a personal trainers education and I became his personal trainer and began traveling with him on Tour.

After a few years, I decided to stop working for my husband. Instead, I studied medicine and holistic medicine, and started to work with bio-resonance and coached meditation. That was interrupted when I got pregnant with our first child.

My quest for knowledge and love for the spiritual and healing arts have to lead me across the planet, from learning Heart work massage technique and snorkelling with dolphins in Hawaii to studying Feng Shui at the holy Buddhist mountains in China.

My husband and I were part of starting a personal leadership program in Sweden in early 2000. Travelling with my husband and his coach for many years gave me an extensive insight into coaching, and finding out more about myself, and how to work together. That lead to 10 years of focusing on clearing myself from all kinds of self-focus and making choices that would dissolve a lot of my past conditioning.

2012 was a life-changing year. I woke up one morning hearing my inner voice loud and clear. I had to make some severe changes and did so. I stopped working with the coach I currently had and risked losing my husband because of that. I could no longer compromise with my inner truth. I had to go and discover my own way. I promised myself I would never have a coach or do any coaching. (This would later change in the summer of 2015).

At the same time, I started ballroom dancing, this gave my life a new dimension, where I could no longer hide from myself or from the world. Since then I have focused on dancing and started competing in 2013. I became a US national champion 2016, something I would never have imagined.

During this time I also decided to take up my spiritual studies, I had not done this for over 15 years. I had new insights and was more critical about what I read and learned; realizing that truth is very personal, and can have many sides.

In 2015 I came across the Message to Millions and Ted McGrath where I found business coach Marc Feinberg. He helped me understand that my destiny was to become a coach and to share all of the knowledge that I had accumulated throughout the years. I deepened my spiritual quest, and I found out that we are multidimensional beings having an earthly experience having all the knowledge within us. Just like little seeds that are waiting to grow.

2016 I joined Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy and became a certified Quantum Success Coach 2017 specializing in the 7 laws of the universe where the law of attraction is one of them.

As a life coach, I intend to remind you of who you truly are and give you the tools so that you can become your own best coach to yourself and find your own solutions in your everyday life.

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