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Information the gemstone perfume bottles.

The bottle is hexagon shaped and you can only use your bottle as a fascia tool or Gua Sha on your face or body. Apply your favorite face/ body oil and use the sides and edges of the bottle to massage your skin. The tip of the bottle can be used as an acupressure point device. 

Each bottle can contain 10 ml of oil and also comes in an elegant box with a cleaning brush, pipette and instruction booklet.

To read more about how to care for your crystals check out this blog (link to Blog about crystals that I will send later)

Bottle Size: approx 95mm

Conversion: 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch

Meaning Black Obsidian Gemstones:
This is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within the aura. Good for cutting off negative ties. Beneficial for power and grounding and is a strong psychic protection stone.

Crystal perfume roller bottle
Crystals have been recognized for their healing properties and unique ability to hold energy. The practice of using crystals is an age-old tradition that is now becoming popular again in our modern world. You can now carry with you your favorite essential oil blend or perfume and enjoy the benefits of the crystal’s beneficial energies throughout the day with your True Star Crystal perfume roller bottle.

The FDA has not verified the statements in this brochure, nor are they considered professional medical advice. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease; if you have any medical concerns, please see a qualified medical doctor or specialist.

Your bottle is made out of natural quartz crystal or gemstone. It is fragile, so please take care of it. Only put natural oils for massage, essential oils or perfume, or Eau de toilette inside your bottle.

How to prepare and care for your crystals
To ensure that you create an amazing and successful perfume roller bottle, you must prepare the crystals before you put your perfume or essential oil inside; you need to do the following:  

1. Clean your crystal roller bottle.
 It’s important to clean your gemstone bottle since gemstones will pick up detrimental energies from the environment or people touching them. Cleaning your crystal depends on the structure of the stone/ Crystal. 

Here are some different ways to clear your crystals: 

First begin the process of cleaning and disinfecting the bottle. 

We suggest you thoroughly hand wash your new perfume roller crystal bottle inside out with warm mild soapy water and if you choose to disinfect it put it in a cheap vodka-water solution. Second, rinse the bottle thoroughly under clear running water, then smudge them with sage, or spray essential oil like frankincense over them, or put the stones on a bed of sea salt. (Not for high-quality stones) Throw the salt afterward as it absorbs the negative energies. This process needs to be done regularly. 

2. Communication.
The second step is establishing a conscious connection to your crystals and awakening their awareness. It is the process of getting permission from the crystals for our activities with them. One way of doing this is to connect to your higher self, put your right hand on your heart, and say, e.g., dear beloved spirits of the crystals, I ask for your permission and assistance to work with you. You can use words silently or say them aloud, project images, or use vibrational methods, such as projecting sounds or color, to communicate what you wish from the crystals. Listen for the approval of the crystals by tuning inside and allowing their response to arise from within you.

3. Activation.
 The third thing you need to do is awaken the crystal’s innate energy. You can project pure divine light or the color of the crystal. You can infuse it with your own energy by breathing into it. You can even ask them if they are ready to be activated. 

4. Blessing /Invocation.
Connect the crystal with the benevolent energy of higher beings. Say a prayer of gratitude, e.g., dear beloved obsidian gemstone; please attract, absorb, and hold all detrimental energies, entities, and thoughtforms from this water, within and around me. Hold them in your structure until I clear them from you. No one but myself can end this instruction. Thank you for doing a great job. God bless you!

5. Energy charging/ Infusing.
Charge your crystals by holding them in your dominant hand and generate love from your heart. Build up the love vibration and feel the energy. The crystal can feel sticky when it is ready and connected to you. Imagine this energy pouring into the crystals as you exhale a sharp pulse out of the nose. Experience the charge from the crystals in your hand. It can feel like a tingling, buzzing, or heat. Your energy has now infused your crystals. You can also project specific energy into the crystal, e.g., visualize violet energy from the crown chakra into an Amethyst crystal.

6. Instruction.
Give the stone specific instructions about what activities they will perform. You can only ask them to perform actions for yourself unless you ask for permission from the person you wish to assist.

Remember that after these instructions, your bottle will be very personalized for you. If you should want to share it with someone, you need to let them know and ask for their permission first. For more information, go to our website. www.

 After this process your bottle in now ready to be filled with your oil. 

How to fill your bottle:
• Remove the lid/cap by pulling it and unscrew/twist the metal cover counterclockwise to remove the crystal bead and rubber insert/spacer thimble 

• Fill the bottle with your favorite oil/ perfume. Tip – The purer the oil you use, the better! Pure essential oil blends work great together with crystals.

• Put the spacer thimble and place the bead on top before screwing the metal cover back on. 

 Try to roll now, and be sure to inspect the bottle carefully to ensure there are no leaks before you put the cap/lid on. Please allow at least 10 minutes for the crystals to charge your oil. Remember to turn the cap/lid clockwise away from your body to use the bottle and the roller ball on your skin.

Before using your water bottle, check for any breaks, cracks, or broken glass. If there is any damage, discontinue use immediately and dispose of it carefully. Please be extremely careful when using and carrying your crystal bottle to avoid damage or breakage.

This bottle is NOT dishwasher safe and should only be hand washed. 

We are a small family-run business, and we rely on reviews to help our product reach more people. It would be much appreciated if you could leave us a review! If you have any problems with or questions about your crystal perfume roller bottle, please get in touch with us at We will be happy to help as we want to ensure that you love and enjoy your new crystal perfume roller bottle!


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