Quantum Healing Sessions

What is Quantum Healing?

It is a technology currently being used with great success in medical research. Biomolecular Physicians have discovered the formation of unique frequency spectra called scalar energy, which is essential for the well-being of humans, animals, and plants. These Quantum physicians have demonstrated that our bodies are being permeated by fundamental frequencies vital for maintaining good health and well-being. Quantum healing products and devices can complement the body through a unique energy medical healing process. The body’s natural healing process can occur by protecting and strengthening and raising the body’s natural frequency (bio-energy) and natural vibration. Quantum Healing products are suitable for people of all ages and can be used around the clock. These products have been found to benefit the health of animals.

What is Scalar Energy?

The basis of all life is energy. All living things vibrate and emit electromagnetic radiation. Humans, animals, and plants are not only what we can see with the naked eye but have many different bodies and energy systems which are known as auras.

Scalar energy is the greatest scientific discovery in world history. It is the discovery of an entirely new type of electromagnetic wave that exists only in a vacuum and in all voids. It’s in the empty space between the atoms of our bodies and the space between the stars and planets we see in the sky at night.

Scalar energy is the animating life force of all spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical activity in the Universe. It is the Light emitted continuously from the Sun of our Solar System and all the Stars in the Universe. Scalar light is omnipresent and serves as the carrier wave of all intelligence and information in the Universe. Scalar waves are created by a pair of replicant waves spatially in phase but temporarily out of phase, which means the waves are identical physically, but they are out of phase, non-linear energy in terms of time. Typically, scalar waves are subtle, different from regular Hertzian waves.

It doesn’t flow like transverse and normal electromagnetic waves but increases spatial mass as it occupies space. Today, we know that the vacuum this space occupies is alive with balanced and checked energies. It can carry information and doesn’t decay over space and time, and it produces healing energy frequencies that can be harnessed and directed and used for unlimited possibilities.

Scientists are still researching how to measure it because it doesn’t stay in a measurable form and tends to move out of the third dimension and move through the fourth dimension in any direction. So even today, scalar energy is being misunderstood, underused and undervalued. Still, most modern technology from NASA and Biomolecular Physics believe that these frequency spectra are essential for human wellbeing.

Scalar Energy is also known as zero-point energy.


Scalar energy has been utilized since ancient times by our ancestors. We can see images of equipment in the temples of Egypt that look like instruments harnessing this kind of energy (…more on that another time). Scalar Energy was discovered in the 19th century by a Scottish Scientist and innovator in Biophysics, James Clark Maxwell. The author behind “Longitudinal waves,” Maxwell, formulated the theories of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. At a later date, the Yugoslavian mechanical and mathematical engineer Nikola Tesla also worked on Maxwell’s findings and invented devices that proved the existence of scalar energy. Tesla found two energies existing in the Universe – scalar energy and electromagnetic energy. He described scalar energy as standing energy and universal waves which can be transmitted with no loss. He believed that scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature. It is renewable, accessible, and always available.

Due to Nikola Tesla’s great work in scalar energy for energy transfer, he is considered the father of scalar electromagnetic energy.

Why has this technology not reached the masses?

Not so long ago, only a few hundred years ago, most humans were convinced that the Earth was a flat plate. The discoveries that the Earth is round were too shocking, unimaginable for most people, and they refused to believe them. The scientific elites used their power, influence, and money to suppress and silence new discoveries to the extent that they even tortured and burned those who would dare to question the establishment.

Unfortunately, today’s situation has not changed that much. Although the forms of torture have changed, is it really that different? Even today, we have experts and influencers who are helping new discoveries suppress, ridicule, denigrate or discredit simply because they do not have enough skills, knowledge, and insight and still cling to its “Flat Earth theory.”

How Does Scalar Energy Work?

Our body is an electromagnetic being; every cell of our body vibrates with its unique frequencies. The different functions of the body’s organs and systems are controlled by our brain which works with our nervous system, and there are four classifications of brainwaves – Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. Interestingly, alpha waves, which stand in the middle of the scale, induce relaxation but not quite as meditation among these brain waves. Scalar Energy can promote Alpha wave frequency in our brain and promote a relaxed, sharp, focused, and coherent mind. It will improve clarity, creating a state where we begin to tap into our infinite creativity just below our conscious awareness. Alpha waves are a normal electrical activity of the brain when mindful and relaxed, consisting of oscillations with a frequency of 8 to 13 hertz. Researchers thought it was interesting that the brain emits the same frequency as the Earth—at least in a relaxed, normal state. Too: 7.83Hz, or the average alpha frequency in electroencephalography.

In 1899, Nikola Tesla discovered that our planet emits a frequency of 8Hz. It wasn’t until 1953 that Dr. W.O. Schumann discovered that the Earth emits specific pulsations at a frequency of 7.8Hz. That frequency is now called the Schumann resonance. Another researcher on this topic, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, discovered that while the Earth’s vibration could be measured in nature and the ocean, it was almost impossible to measure in the city. Artificial signals like radio waves made it too hard to pick out the 7.8Hz pulsations. However, if the frequency is transmitted all through the body, it can help our body’s cells achieve a resonance important to optimum health. The Scalar Energy’s circular and expansive movement provides a field of protective shield around our body, also called the Torus field. It cancels and removes the effects of these artificial frequencies on the body and enhances its natural defenses against the harmful energies surrounding us.

The body’s basic energies interact with each other and are dependent on each other, if there is stagnation or blockage in the body’s biochemical process, it will generate in the next system.

The Torus Field

Our Earth, everything on the planet, and each atom are surrounded by its Electromagnetic energy field known as a Toroidal (Torus) or Toric Field. The center of Earth’s Torus is anchored deep within the crystalline iron core of Earth. Everything that has life and is powerful on the planet consists of a single axis and two vortices and has an autonomous balanced dynamic energy flow process. The energy passes through one vortex, along the center of the axis, out the other, wraps back around the circumference, and renews by passing through the original vortex. This shape can be seen around each living organism, such as people and plants, and in some of nature’s most powerful creations: all the magnetic fields, the whirlpool, the tornado, and even the black hole. This electromagnetic field surrounds the Earth and extends about 60 miles above the ground. The frequency bounces around and affects every object and living being on Earth, and we can think of it as the Earth’s heartbeat or pulse.

What is Scalar Wave Healing?

In general, due to internal and external stress factors, harmony is what today’s people increasingly lack. Disharmony is at the root of all troubles and diseases when the man is out of tune. The overload of information, chemicals, and factors that surround man cause disharmony. Disharmony is accompanied by over-acidification of the organism, followed by changes in the activity of the components of the organism, especially the immune and lymphatic systems. Ultimately without tuning the organism, disease and pathogens are a consequence. Our unique Quantum technology is based on Scalar Frequency Energy, Geometry, Bio-sound, Polarization, and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) a proven and well-functioning method to create a harmonious and balanced flow of the body’s Qi energy to homeostasis (stable and constant state).

The Medicine of The Future

Qmtrin™, the machine that we are using for scalar healing, solves the disharmony and deals with the stress factors leading to preventing disease eliminating their originators. The fast growth in technology and the rise of consumer electronics have brought about significant health concerns that are now more prevalent. We have to take action to preserve the health and future of all forms of life and human beings. Scalar wave healing involves using quantum scalar energy devices to achieve healing benefits in the human body. The quantum scalar energy devices tend to reflect and concentrate our healing energy back into the body, allowing the body to maintain proper energy balance while also staying healthy. In addition, scalar Energy healing technology and devices can protect you and give you and your family maximum protection from the harmful effects of ELFs (Extremely Low Frequency) and EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies).

What is EMF?

EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) are harmful radiation coming from different industrial and household appliances surrounding us from the environment. Most electrical appliances such as microwaves, mobile phones, and computers radiate 60 Hertz frequencies. We live in a sea of electrosmog and even more now with the release of the 5G network. High voltage cables also emit EMF that can harm the body and be measured with an electromagnetic reader. Our nervous system is susceptible to these harmful energies, and there is evidence that they can interfere with the proper functioning of our nervous system. Medical investigations and studies point out that EMF can cause symptoms such as sleep disturbances, hyperactivity in children, depression disturbances, lack of concentration, headaches, and even diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

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