Discover Ancient Egypt and The Atlantean Initiation Path

This journey aims to explore ancient Egypt and learn about Atlantis and the mysterious path of INITIATION. This magical journey can act as a gateway to your subconscious, where you will awaken an ancient past and unlock the mysteries within yourself.

Twelve thousand years ago, the Atlanteans created a path of Initiation along the Nile that later evolved into the Egyptian path of Initiation. The purpose of Initiation was to begin a process of one’s metamorphosis, transformation, and spiritual journey. Still, it didn’t only do it for oneself but also for the greater good.

The purpose of the initiation path for the Atlanteans was to bring down the divine from the source, cosmos, and anchor it within the human body. And to realize and unite with their divine self, awaken to the divine essence within, and as a result, they would also help align the planetary grid.

Why is this so important today? The world is out of balance. To create a new reality, we need to change our thoughts, actions, and emotions; we have to sow the seeds of a new humanity; The “I AM” concept and the idea to remember that we are one with Gaia and with the universe.

Earlier, sects and cults specialized in this concept, and it was considered a secret and hidden knowledge not open to the ordinary person. However, humans have evolved, and everyone can understand how to create a new planetary network. This magical journey can act as a gateway to your subconscious, where you will awaken an ancient past.

In Egypt, We will do our initiation path in our unique, personable own way by using transformational life coaching, energy work, meditation, yoga, journaling our thoughts, experiences, and accomplishments.

We will recreate the path of Initiation on this journey like the ancients did. We will visit many temples and sacred sites and reconnect to the old energies. We will awaken to our higher self and the wisdom within to download the codes stored in the stones in the temples and surroundings.

Ebba will lead a morning group gathering most of the days to prepare for the visit to these sacred sites to do the necessary work to help us align with our higher selves and balance the chakras, Body, Mind, and Spirit. The circle and work will contain guided meditation, movements like yoga, coaching, and some exercises and self journaling that responds (correlates) to each chakra and temple.

You will learn about the Atlantean initiation path, which temple corresponds to which chakra, the different exercises that correspond to each, the essential oils, the constellations, the sounds, and the colors.

Our guide, Mohammed, a renowned Egyptologist, will share his vast and ancient knowledge of Egypt. He will teach us about the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, their different purposes, and their corresponding temples to better understand how to use this knowledge for our transformation.

With limited participation space, this exclusive adventure will allow everyone the unique pace to awaken their true essence of self and deepen their connection to the source.

Let us explore memories that have been dormant for ages and learn how the ancients would use the path of Initiation to become masters and enlightened beings.

We welcome you to the first journey of True Star Coaching, and we would be honored to have your attendance during this excellent promotional offer.

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Sacred Journeys

Traveling to sacred sights can have a tremendous impact on one’s life, and it has changed my life completely. Even though we can find magical and sacred energy everywhere in nature, there is something to be said about going to sacred sites that have been charged with energies for centuries.

“By visiting these sites, buildings, and structures, we can connect to these energies that have touched thousands of people.”

Most of the sites were built on ancient land, and the ancients placed these buildings on power spots, many times vortexes or portals, where the buildings would magnify and amplify the natural energy coming from the land. The sites were built to bring down the energy from the heavens and help human beings align themselves with the energies, so people could become godlike, enlightened, heal, and create miracles. I have had many interesting spiritual experiences by going to these sites, and I’m delighted to start sharing these amazing places with you. One thing I can promise is that you will never be the same after having undertaken one of these journeys. Some of the places I have visited are Egypt,  France, Peru, Glastonbury in England, the sacred mountains of China.

Join me on one of my trips to visit sacred places! See next sacred journey.

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