The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th 2022

In May, late Monday the 15th and early morning of Tuesday the 16th 2022 (depending on where you live), we will have a lunar eclipse in the constellation of Scorpio, and the Fullmoon will turn red. The full moon and the total lunar eclipse are known as the blood moon because when the sunlight passes through particles of Earth’s atmosphere, they become scattered and appear to turn the moon’s color to blood red.

The moon symbolizes our inward nature, such as our emotions, instincts, intuition, subconscious, and more, and when it is full, all of these will be intensified and magnified.

However, the constellation of Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of secrets, power, crisis, life, death, and transformation, and Mars, the planet of action, war, sexual drive, courage, and energy. So as the Earth eclipses the moon’s light, we are confronted with these powerful forces leading to drama in its highest form, as unfavorable and dark energies rise to the surface.

What can we expect?

The energy can be intense! And we can feel it days and even weeks before and after the actual eclipse. We can expect many hidden truths to arise on a global scale from the shadows, and secrets will come out. Internally within ourselves, we can be surprised by what we feel as our emotions can be overwhelming. If you have avoided and postponed uncomfortable situations, such as confronting your family or friends and sharing your truth with them, it will feel rough, and you will have to face your fear. The beauty of this, though, is that the situation will provide us with opportunities for the death of old mindsets, emotional cycles, and attachments so we can make space for rebirth. And you will also feel an immense release by speaking up and sharing your emotions.

We will all have time to become aware of our shadow selves during this event. We might feel weird not knowing and understanding why we feel a certain way. But this is because we have been so conditioned to stack away the uncomfortable feelings thinking that we are weak if we show our vulnerability.

Be aware of blood-sucking energy vampires within and without!!

Your negative shadow self will come to the surface in a big way. If you have some unhealthy patterns, such as addictions, you will have to become aware of your thoughts, actions, and emotions and how you allow vampiric energy to steal your energy. Why are you attracting people around you who want to suck your energy? What are you still consuming in a way that decreases your energy and sabotages your life? Be disciplined and practice self-love. Feed yourself, love, in the form of honoring your body, mind, and soul. Take care of your health, wellness, and privacy. Say no to the people around you that steal your energy and detox from unhealthy behaviors and relationships.

A Path to Freedom

We also have Saturn in Aquarius, which forms a square to the Scorpio full moon—pointing to what lies beneath the surface as the key to our authenticity, and freedom. With the lunar eclipse at play, we may see invitations to release and evolve in personal power, loyalty, intimacy (sexual and non-sexual), trust, possessiveness, obsession, passion, determination, revenge, secrets, and extremes.These forces can be positive aspects if we use them well but detrimental if we abuse our energy.

Most of us have been asleep so long we are not aware of our thought, actions, and emotions mainly because we live in the past or the future, whether we are aware of it. However, it is essential to become aware and take ownership of our thoughts, actions, and emotions. Not blame anyone for how we feel but rather remember that we are creating everything in our lives, and the reason we don’t see it is because nobody told us that we are masters in disguise. Some of us have simply not woken up to that fact just yet. And as we wake up, we might sometimes feel insecure about how to proceed because we have no guidelines. The key is to follow your heart and allow the source/ the universal consciousness/ our creator to work through us and surrender to the guidance of spirit. The key to freedom is personal leadership.

Become a Master of Life

It will become evident that we can no longer run from who we are and who we are meant to be, true masters of life. And it may be easy and appealing to keep running away and hide from the pain we might feel inside, but the pain is only a guide to show us what we need to release and let go of. It is the resistance to change and releasing old patterns and beliefs that are causing us to feel the pain in the first place. Unfortunately, there is no other way to grow than go through the emotions. Scorpio reminds us that if we keep these parts of us in the shadows, we prevent them from ever receiving light, healing, and love. Our shadows will never be seen and, thus, never transformed into something different.

It is time to be your authentic self. Once we surrender and truly live in the present moment and understand the darkness, and the gifts it brings, we will feel grateful for everything that happened in the past and can move forward with grace. If you are struggling, lacking clarity, or feeling confused or depressed, book a transformational coaching session to boost your self-esteem and create more clarity. Send me an email here if you’re interested in a free strategy session.

A Great Opportunity at Hand

The full moon forms an opposition to Mercury retrograde in Gemini, shedding light on the opportunities at play. Mercury retrograde encourages us to slow down, retrace our steps, and go inward for introspection. It is a great time to reflect upon our thoughts and how we communicate them. It’s also crucial to observe how we show up when things go against our expectations, hopes, and dreams and to note what we notice. If we respond to mistakes or mishaps with intense reactions, why? What fears, beliefs and struggles are underneath this? Plutonian energy will bring real change and end, a death to something to the things that have been standardized in your life and that need to go. You will understand how you need to change and quit the things you know are no longer serving your path, vision, and higher self.

It is an empowering transit for those ready to let go and create a more positive outcome. And a great time to have your own vision clarified. Stay on the path! It is not recommendable to go on wild adventures. A need for safe homes and safe environments is necessary. What are the things in your life that you need to change in order to feel safer?

Here are some other questions that can help you create more clarity and growth:

  • How am I toxic, judgmental, vengeful, or suspicious?
  • Do I live in fear rather than love, trust, and joy?
  • Do I feed myself positive energy?
  • Am I clinging to something out of fear?
  • What truth am I hiding from myself and others?
  • How am I giving out positive energy?
  • Am I allowing people to abuse my generosity?
  • Am I too trustworthy, not honoring my inner knowing and intuition and protecting myself from manipulation or abuse?
  • Am I being totally honest with myself and others?

Transmute that shit!

I hope you find the article helpful here are some other tips you can use to make this time successful.

  • Using gemstones to help you move through this time can be beneficial. Try topaz (Scorpio’sScorpio’s birthstone), opal, tourmaline, citrine, obsidian, or sodalite and wear them on your body, carry them in your pocket or take a bath with them. If you live in Charlotte you can get some great quality gemstones from our new pop up shop.
  • However, charging your quartz crystals during a lunar eclipse isn’t advisable since it’s not going to charge them positively. Save the charge for the next full moon!
  • Make a list of things to release, burn the paper when you are done.
  • Remember that Scorpio rules your sexual and excretory organs, including the skin, lungs, and kidneys, so take of your health as they can be weaker during this time. Drink plenty of water!!!

But most of all, remember to TRANSMUTE THAT SHIT and have fun doing it!!  

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