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The Spring Equinox 2022

An equinox occurs directly on the equator with nearly equal amounts of day and night, about 12 hours,” hence the name “EQUI-nox.” This astronomical event happens only twice a year, with the spring or vernal equinox falling on March 20, 2022, and the autumnal or hibernal solstice on September 22, 2022. It is a time of renewal and rejuvenation.

Its more profound spiritual significance reveals the mysteries of the spiritual resurrection. It’s rare and unique and an invitation to examine the day and night within us all.

In Christianity, the spring equinox is the time of the passion of Christ, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus; so did the ancient Egyptians believe and celebrate this time the resurrection of the god Osiris. Many other cultures also celebrated the resurrection of their gods during this time.

The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt gazes precisely at the rising of the spring equinox sun as a symbol of resurrection. The spring equinox is a time for confrontation between the forces of light and dark, life and death. It symbolizes what an initiate goes through in the essential stages of self-realization. The struggle of darkness and light creates an opposition needed to attain immortality. It is illustrated by the dark half of the year on one side of the equinox and the other side the spring equinox in the light half of the year. It is truly an essential time of self-balance, left and right, dark and light & yin and yang.

The equinox is a balance point, the cycle of the seasons and within ourselves. All the great masters, be it Jesus or Osiris, have faced the darkness to attain the light in our history, and they all did it during the spring equinox.

The longing for us humans to be like the masters and ascend is an ancient concept illustrated in many ancient scripture and texts. However, it is all about the circle of life, the cycles of the sun during the seasons, the precision of the equinoxes, and the turn of the wheel of life or the four ages or cycles of human civilizations called Yugas, the inner spiritual process called resurrection.

Our civilization is also going through ages with light and dark and has done so since its creation. Earth’s ecliptic around the sun takes about 26 000 years to complete and is the cycle called evolution and devolution. Civilizations have been coming and going, thriving and dying through time and age; just like nature, these patterns are equal to life and death within human beings, symbolized as the battle of light and dark.

Throughout history, we humans have been confronted by the concept of dark and light, good and evil. It doesn’t matter what our religious beliefs, cultural or traditional backgrounds are. We all have been born into this “ struggle” and have been conditioned by our society, traditions, and belief systems. Our struggles are real, and people suffer. We need to understand that we are perpetuating this as we constantly strive to live in the light. We don’t want to see the dark because it is out of our control; it is the unknown, chaotic and uncomfortable, and can even be scary. We keep pushing the negative, what we don’t want in our lives away, cutting people out, and trying to sweep all uncomfortable things under the carpet instead of bringing them into the light.

Some people believe Satan is ruling the world and waiting for the Messiah to come and save the world and win the battle over humanity. I say there is no savior outside of ourselves. We are the Christ, the light, and we can realize that by doing the work needed. I believe that judging and blaming everything and everyone we perceive as evil and dark is only keeping us away from the true light. This true light is the Christ consciousness, where separation dissolves, and unity is immediate. To be free from the slavery of this world, we need to incorporate the Christ consciousness within.

Why is this, you may ask? Because we have forgotten who we really are, that we are whole, that we all came from the same source, and that our true essence is divine.

But as we separate ourselves with judgment, we increase the gap between light and dark. It is because we are spirit beings, and as such, we are neutral and androgynous.

We are on the quest to understand ourselves as an extension of source, divine energy; we have to take physical form in a 3D vessel. So for source consciousness to know itself, we have to choose to be either a feminine body, which is negative or a male body that is positive. It has nothing to do with good and bad. Just look at the atom.

So what about all the evil in the world, you may ask? Corruption, manipulation, pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, war, killing, disease, etc. Well, from my point of view, if those things didn’t exist, we wouldn’t know the difference between light and dark. The whole matrix that has been created is a board game for spirit to play with and know itself: a hologram or a videogame, you can say. I believe that as soul beings, we come into this reality to play different parts in the game of life. We as humans unconsciously create all the events in this world; it is belief systems and patterns that we are passing down through generations not only by what we say, think, or do but even by our genetics.

We have come so far from the truth that nowadays, even people who have been fighting to disclose the fact for years, showing the other side of the mainstream story, are considered to be conspirators and the evil ones. They are even being de-platformed from the mainstream media platforms and news outlets. We can know for sure that everything we have received with our five senses has been distorted. Some people are familiar with the New world order agendas and how they have also pushed their narrative so that we have been even more disillusioned and lost, not knowing what is right or wrong. But most people are still living in ignorance, believing everything they see and hear without a doubt. They are not to blame. We have allowed this all to take place so that we could wake up to who we really are.

Everybody is defending their belief system, and some are even ready to die for what they believe is right hence all the war taking place. And at the core, everyone is just striving to be more whole, more of light, just as our masters, like Buddha and Jesus.

However, I believe that we are the creators of our own reality, and we are here to learn about ourselves, know ourselves, and expand. We are part of the divine consciousness, and through us living humans, the divine expresses and knows itself. All of us living beings, and in truth, there is no good and evil, the divine creates both, and it is just a matter of how you perceive it with your five senses. The divine did create both night and day to have duality.

We are living in this dualistic world, and this world is turning. We can choose to be hanging on to it in its outskirts and be disoriented by the chaos. Blindly and desperately holding on to survive. Or we can decide to become masters of our own destiny and experiences here on planet earth and turn inwards to become aware and see by connecting to our center—the place of balance and peace.

“To have balance and feel harmony, we need to release the constructed, manufactured programs and conditionings. The things that are not of pure and divine essence. “

The only way to release is to acknowledge our hurts, pains, sorrows, griefs, fears, shame, and guilt. Running away from the dark will only mean more betrayal of self, instead, we need to heal from our traumas by taking personal leadership of our thoughts, actions, and emotions to bring love and light into our own experience.

We have both inside of us, dark and light, polarity, and we need both, just as life and everywhere in the cosmos, to expand and know ourselves.

However, if we constantly focus on living in the light, we will move so much into the polarity and duality that the dark, the negative, has to push back to achieve balance.

Balance is what matters; Striving to be perfect and even wanting to be like ascended masters can make us move further away from balance since we neglect our shadow side. By doing so, we lie and betray ourselves. To find balance, peace, and harmony, which is the true essence of ourselves, we need to connect to our hearts, to feel with our sensory system rather than judge ourselves and the world from our five senses.

I see so many people struggling today because they bought into the narrative of light and dark, good and evil. And it creates more and more separation causing conflicts between people leading to sadness, frustration, anger and depression.

I have done that too, until recently; I too needed to be reminded of my true being. What created polarity is divinity, and our interpretation of the polarity is what makes good and evil. We humans, ourselves, created the evil in the world. We are fully responsible for all good and bad in the world. Because what we create on the inside of us will be manifested on the outside. Being and feeling like a victim is a choice. As hard this can be to understand or be aware of.

At this important time, take the opportunity to ask yourself where does your duality ly has become unbalanced? What part of yourself do you need to transcend to be reborn?

The Spring Equinox is the day and time to embrace the universe’s call to bring balance back into your life. And as we are now also entering the season of Aries, we can spring out in life as more balanced human beings.

Remember that you’re not all darkness or light, even if sometimes you can’t seem to move out of the fixed states. With awareness, self-work, assistance, time, and balance, it is totally achievable to be balanced. I wish you all the best in your endeavor for achieving what we all strive for balance of black and white, night and dark, light and day and to reach unity within and without.

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