Time to Shut It – Embrace Your Past To Manifest Your Future 2022

Mercury retrogrades from Taurus to Gemini May 10- June 3, 2022

If you are a fan of astrology like me, you might already be familiar with the meaning of Mercury retrograde; you might think, oh no, not again!! But relax, if you work with the energy, it can really benefit you rather than scaring the shit out of you.

For the second time this year, the planet of Mercury will be doing its backward dance, this time around in the sign of Taurus from May 10 – May 21 and Gemini from May 22 – June 3. Taurus is helping us ground Mercury’s swift energy, and you might have already found that the energy, especially around business, has slowed down a bit.

Mercury, however, rules Gemini and Virgo, so when we enter Gemini season, the power of Mercury can intensify. There is also the shadow phase of Mercury two weeks before and after the retrograde that can have an impact, and you might already feel it.

Why is it so important to be aware of this?

Mercury is the air messenger and the ruler of all communication and learning: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Mercury symbolizes books, radio, media, language, music, trade, travel, and electronics. So, when it goes retrograde, it’s essential to double-check how we communicate with the world. Not rush through any communications but take time to look it through before publishing or posting anything.

I suggest that you postpone any important communication or contract signing until after the retrograde. Wait with signing any new contracts and buying any vehicles until after June 3; It is also a great idea to back up computers and laptops.

You might find that you struggle to express yourself and talk to a wall, feeling like you are not being heard at all; this might cause you to feel frustrated and lead to heated arguments. It will be easy to jump to conclusions rather than thinking things over, so take the time you need to figure things out.

How can you benefit from the energy?

It will be helpful to take your time and think over what you need to say or write, not to create unnecessary chaos or drama. If you start paying attention to what you feel and take ownership and leadership when it comes to your thoughts, actions, and emotions, this will be an easy ride, and you will come out much stronger and wiser too.

Mercury retrograde also presents a chance to revisit and rework through things that need your attention, whether work, education, or relationship matters. It is a great time to revisit unfinished projects and business and go back to studying to finish your degree or education. Since the planet Saturn is also at play here, it will help you do one thing at a time, creating a much more stress-free period.

If you are seeking love, please be aware that old lovers might come back to revisit youl, and it can create more clarity in your life around what you really want.

However, starting any new projects or relationships during this time can turn out to be challenging in the future. Take time to look at how you value yourself through your communication with yourself. Are you beating up on yourself through negative self-talk?

Use this time to become aware of how you create your reality through your thoughts, words, and feelings. Use the Taurus energy and ground yourself in self-love and Practice patience and self-love by speaking lovingly to yourself. It will change your world!


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