The True Star Awakening Training

9-week online group training – Starts January 11, 2024!

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This training is for you who are ready to step out of the shadows and into the light – to awaken to your true potential and your superpowers. This is for you who have made the decision for yourself to become a True Star and find your soul’s purpose. Through this 9-week journey, you will discover yourself and release the blockages that might be standing in your way to the life that you truly desire and deserve.

You will learn how to become an empowered and whole being. We will work on finding your voice and discover how you can feel more peaceful, vibrant and have more energy to live a life in harmony with yourself and others.

You will learn about the secrets and mysteries of life and how you can heal and transform yourself as well as understanding the world around us.

This training is exclusive to 12 committed participants that want to embark on a journey to self mastery, healing and illumination.

We will go over how we can be creators of our own reality. You will increase your inner knowing and deepen your contact with your higher self, your spirit and consciousness so that you can develop your superpowers and enjoy them for the rest of your life, hence enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed; healthy, abundant, with infinite energy, pleasure, happiness, bliss, love and passion.

Some of the techniques that we will be using are both active and passive meditations, yoga, breath work, movement, kundalini awakening techniques, ancient sacred wisdom, crystal healing, personal self-development and personal leadership, and last but not least the law of attraction.

You will learn about the 7 laws of the universe, sacred geometry, your energy body, chakras, meditation, yoga, mudras, crystals, gemstones, aromatherapy, and much more.

The True Star Awakening training is designed for those who are ready to look within themselves and find the secrets to their success and sense of well-being. If you are looking to step out of the shadows and into the light, this 9-week transformational journey was made for you. Your path to becoming a True Star begins with your decision to commit wholly and truly to embracing your awareness and choosing to explore your higher self. Within this training, you will gain the tools to identify and embrace your superpowers so that you can live the life that you have always dreamed about.

What is standing in your way?

In the True Star Awakening training, you will come face-to-face with everything that has been holding you back. It might be decades of unsolved trauma or simply values that have been fed to you for years that conflict with your personal truth. Whatever blockages you are experiencing, this journey will be your first step to overcoming them. You will learn to identify and release these blockages so that you can move on with your life, as well as your spiritual journey. It is time to learn what is standing in your way and leave it all behind you so that you can step forward into the light. But not only that, you will learn how we are all connected and to have a great life we need to be balanced and have a healthy body, mind and soul. You will learn about how the environment around us affects our health and well-being; such as toxic foods, pesticides and toxins in our environment, medication and drugs, EMF and much more.


Building empowerment

Your path to empowerment begins on the day that you start this journey. Empowerment is about realizing who you truly are by connecting to your higher self. It is about establishing a deeper connection with the universe so that you know how to decide what to do next. In this training, we will focus on finding your voice so that you can discover what is the right choice for you. You will focus on feeling more peaceful and building a newfound sense of vibrancy that comes with connecting with your true self. You can create more energy and live a life in harmony with yourself and others using the techniques in this training. Together we will create clarity in the areas where clarity is needed and you will learn how to become a deliberate creator of your life rather than creating your life by default out of conditioning and programming.

Create a sense of understanding

So much of the universe can feel like a mystery, but the answers are there for those who are open to them. A True Star is a person who is awakened and can take personal leadership in his or her life, who no longer blames the outer circumstances for how they feel but takes full ownership of his / hers action, thoughts and emotions. It is a person full of magnetism and light and that looks for the gift and growth in every moment. It is a person who is truly free and as a result radiates love, compassion, wisdom and youth. A person who knows how to look beneath the surface of the life that we know and glean the ancient secrets that are waiting for those who want to experience them. With this approach, you will learn about the mysteries of life and how to leverage them for your own benefit.


A simple path to healing

Each of us are secretly on a journey to heal ourselves, even if we do not realize it. Your discontentment in life is not always born from being on the wrong path. Sometimes it tells you of imbalances and areas that you need to heal in order to find the best path forward. With this training, you will explore your own personal path to healing so that you can move through life with complete comfort and confidence.

Healing is not always as easy as embracing change and opening ourselves to possibility. Sometimes it means taking the time to recover from past harms that have touched us, or even harm that is still being done to us. In order to move on from points where we were hurt or struggled too much, we must heal ourselves and release the past to embrace the present. Our journey to healing begins with becoming aware and learning how these traumas may have impacted us. When we do this, we are that much closer to simply letting them go and moving on to live a happier and healthier life. In the training you will learn about the ancient secrets and traditions to heal and empower your life.

Be the creator of your own universe

Each of us has the strength to move mountains and create worlds, and a True Star knows how to embrace these opportunities. We will discuss how to be the creator of your own reality—and what this means. You will increase your inner knowing and amplify the connection to your higher self. Your spirit and consciousness know secrets that can transcend lifetimes, secrets that were known before you ever existed. We will embrace these secrets and use them to unearth your own truths so that you can thrive.

Within you, there are superpowers. There are strengths that make it possible for you to live your best life and enjoy it too. By learning these hidden powers and adopting a deeper sense of self, you will live a happier life that is full of positive energy, pleasure, love, and passion. Who knows you might even be able to create miracles.

Common practices adapted for your needs

True Star Awakening training does not simply rely on new-age techniques. Instead, it combines the old and new to create the best possible practice combination to suit your needs. You are a unique and infinitely powerful being, which is why you need an approach that works specifically for you.

With True Star Coaching, you will learn about your energy body, ancient wisdom, various meditation techniques, how to improve your health through various techniques, and so much more. Ancient sacred wisdom is available to all who will embrace it, which is why this training focuses on balancing the mind, body and soul, opening connecting with your higher self. We will rely on different techniques and methods such as energy healing, self-development, and personal leadership, to connect to our higher selves. By combining these practices with the Law of Attraction, you can create a future for yourself that you are happy to embrace.

This is the life and sense of peace that you deserve, which is why we work hard to get you there.


Explore the laws of the universe and more

The universe in all of its infinite wonder is composed of seven primary laws. True Stars know how to embrace these laws and leverage them for their own good—and for the betterment of those around them. In True Star training, you will learn about these laws, as well as the truths about your energy body, chakras, meditation practices, yoga, mudras, crystals, gemstones, aromatherapy, and much more. This expansive training will allow you to learn more about your sense of self, as well as the secrets of the universe to help you embrace what you deserve.

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