True Starlight: My Personal Journey

True Starlight is a spiritual and inspirational memoir designed to share my spiritual journey. In this book, I share my path through life and detail out where I gained my sense of empowerment and how I found my inner voice.

In this shockingly honest memoir, I invite you along for my path to enlightenment while sharing what I learned on the road. I discuss the deepest and darkest parts of my life ranging from growing up in a chaotic environment, all the way to the sex abuse that I experienced while trying to work as a model in Paris—but it doesn’t end there. Learn how I ended up living a glamorous life in Monaco while on tour with my ex-husband and professional golfer, Robert Karlsson.

Throughout my life, I have been on a constant quest for truth. It has taken me to many unique places and helped me to explore my own sense of self, as well as my place within the world. Life is full of mysteries just waiting to be uncovered, and I have made this my goal. In this memoir, I share my secrets and the truths that I learned while exploring the intricacies of life.

In my life, I have explored professional and personal leadership, traveled the world, focused on self-development, and explored the sacredness of sexuality. Throughout this journey, I found out what it meant to be a True Star, which I now help others to become, on a daily basis. Come along with me to learn all about what life and what lies beyond it has taught me.

“I come to you as a survivor, seeker, and coach to help you learn about finding inner peace, even with a history of trauma behind me.”

Why should I read this book?

In truth, True Starlight was not a book that I wrote simply to share my tale. It is not just my way to have my voice heard, and it is not a love letter that I wrote exclusively for people like myself. This is not a book for any one kind of person, but rather any kind of person.

Within each of us, there is a deeper sense of self, and we all feel it. We might consider it that unexplainable sense of longing, or even a feeling of confusion or of being lost. Each of us  are raised to buy into this idea that there is a set path—that it is worldly and designed to work out if we simply follow the path. But, that isn’t the way that life works. We are raised to believe in a lie rather than reaching inward for our own truth. The universe, in all of its intricacies, has more to offer us if we let it in.

You should read this book if you have ever asked yourself: why? It might be why do I feel unfulfilled? It might be why don’t I know what I want?  We spend so much time focusing on the why that we forget about how. In this memoir, I explore how I made the change to be more fulfilled.

We all have the potential to live a life that is focused on us and our own personal success. Each of us has a place in the universe—a story to tell and a song to sing. Maybe you are looking to be more fulfilled. Maybe you want stronger relationships. Whatever your needs are, I believe your journey to searching within can begin with my own.

For so many of us, it feels nearly impossible to make that first step. We worry about what others will think and what might happen if we are wrong. The truth is that what lies within us is never wrong—it simply is. My book is designed to help you to learn more about what it means to live a more fulfilled and aligned life, and how you can find your own alignment on your journey.

Your life—your true life, at least—is not something that someone else can decide for you. So many of us lose ourselves living our lives by the standards of someone else. We do what we think is right instead of what we know is right for ourselves. Little distractions and pressures from the world compel us to conform to these generic standards when each of us is filled with an inner richness that the universe needs us to share.

Maybe you are simply looking for something. Maybe you are seeking truth, love, happiness, the perfect partner, or the job that will complete you. I was also like that until I realized that my personal journey is not outside of me, but within me. Now, I harbor a strong sense of self and I have found my calling.

My journey is not yours, but my journey might be able to inspire you to seek out your own.

Perhaps you are hiding from something. You might be sitting in the shadow of bigger personalities around you, or maybe you are hiding behind titles and prestige. You might be struggling to chase down your dreams because you lack the confidence or the faith in your own abilities.

We all struggle in our lives. It might be the way that we are raised, or perhaps the way that a close friend once treated us. Sometimes we are influenced by uncertain times or a point in our lives where things just were not right. You might have had a normal upbringing or experienced countless traumas. No matter what you are or what your story is, there will always be more for you to find.

If you are the kind of person who wants to live a life that you can feel good about, my book is for you. It is not a love song to any one person, but rather to a universe that loves us so much more than we can ever truly realize.

You deserve to find out who you are, and if seeing my path helps you, I want you to read this.

What can I learn from this book?

My book covers countless different topics, which can make it difficult to break down—but there are many stories that you can learn from within these pages. In this honest memoir, I share my life’s journey—the good and the bad. In each chapter, I explore everything that has led me to where I am. Sometimes the stories are pleasant and inspiring. Sometimes they are focused on overcoming terrible traumas that I have endured, but each one is uniquely mine, and there is a lesson in every chapter.

A primary portion of my book explores our experiences and how they sculpt us. We are all so much more than a collection of good and bad experiences. Our story goes deeper than what our environment has brought to the table, and in this book, I explore how these stories can build us up instead of breaking us down.

My story is a human one—and it does not stop there. I work through how you can step out of the shadows of a negative experience that has caused many painful emotions. We discuss how these shadows influence us, and what we can do to move past them.

The book details out some of the ways that a person can struggle. In these pages, I talk about surviving and overcoming sexual abuse, how to heal from a broken childhood, and how to heal from adultery. These are human problems that so many experience, but that doesn’t mean that they must surround us with negativity. We can move past them, and I explain how I managed to. Emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and abuse can all leave scars—but scars can be healed, which is why I try to show you how.

Life is not all about overcoming bad experiences. It is also about growing ourselves to become the people that we want to be. I use this book to explain how to create and manifest what you desire, the truth about death and ancient mysteries, and how to deprogram yourself from the matrix that we are all born into.

Among these tales of truth, I also teach you how to seek out adventure and how to live a life that you are proud of. We each have the right and privilege to live a life that we love, and it is my hope that within these pages, I can help you to find out what that means for you.

Why did you write True Starlight?

Like many memoirs, True Starlight was a labor of love or maybe more like a pregnancy. In 2017, I was just coming back from a spiritual retreat in the south of France. I had a unique moment where I sought to rejoin the world and found myself on Facebook. There, an ad was waiting for me that would change my life. It was a course on how to write a book in three months.

Having just experienced a transcendent time where I learned about myself and the universe around me, I was brimming with inspiration already. Writing a book seemed like a good challenge, and I knew that I had a story to tell, one that might change the way others thought about their own lives too.

At the time, I was about to finish my coaching education to become a certified Law of Attraction coach—and the desire to write a coaching book hit me. I knew that there was something to explore there, so I applied to the program and started writing.

Even though I felt a calling to write this book, something was misaligned. About halfway through the course, I realized that I was really struggling to finish my coaching book. The words were not coming, and when they did, they weren’t coming out correctly. I leaned on my editor who suggested that I start fresh and simply write from my heart.

It was simple advice, but it made all the difference. With this renewed focus, the book just poured out of me. Suddenly I knew what to share and how to share it, and my focus was on the good that it might bring. What started as a guide turned into a spiritual memoir, and that was how True Starlight was born.

Why is it called True Starlight?

Anyone who has ever written a book will tell you that choosing the right title is agony, but I realize now that the name for this book was chosen decades ago.

As a young girl, I was misaligned in so many ways. Every day felt like a struggle, and it became difficult for me to find a reason to keep on living. One night, during a particularly bad bout of negativity, I found myself contemplating self-harm. While I debated whether or not I was bold enough to do it, I found myself staring out the window up into the stars above.

It was at this moment that I felt the beginning of a deeper connection with the world around me. In those stars, I saw the truth. I felt love and unity, and I knew that I wanted more of that. It became my goal to explore my inner universe so that I could guide myself and others.

For too long, spiritual, and motivational books have focused on techniques more than anything else. While techniques are important, they are often simplified. When I set out to write this book, I knew that I wanted it to be honest and real. It felt right to share a raw story—my story—so that others could learn from it.

Since I was young, I always wanted a map to navigate life. While I cannot make a map for you, I can help you to find your own map deep within. This story is mine, but it could also be yours. It could be anyone’s story. This is a journey through time, space, personal experience, and spirituality.

As you read my story, you will begin to understand your own so that you can find that little bit of true starlight too.

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