Winter solstice and the great conjunction 2020

Today is the winter solstice, and something very rare and interesting is about to happen. Every 200 years Saturn and Jupiter align in what is called the great conjunction. But first I am going to explain the winter solstice. The winter solstice occurs when the North Pole is the farthest away from the Sun with a 23.5 tilt from the Earth’s axis. During this solstice, the Sun shines directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, which happens only once a year.

 The word Solstice is derived from the Latin scientific term solstitium, where ‘Sol’ stands for “sun” and ‘stitituim’ (the past tense of sistere) means “to make stand.”

The Sun appears to stand still during the solstice instead of its’ position moving through the sky any other day of the year. 

The solstice has been a special moment of the annual cycle for many cultures as far back as the Neolithic times. Astronomical events were often used to guide activities, such as the sowing of crops and the monitoring of winter reserves of food. This is something we can find in ancient archaeological sites, such as Stonehenge in England and the Karnak Temple in Egypt. The winter solstice was very important because the people were economically dependent on monitoring the progress of the seasons. In ancient times this was a great reason for celebration. It is the celebration of the midnight sun, when the Sun is born into the time of greatest darkness (also our greatest psychological darkness) before it begins to “grow.”

It is historically the main reason why we really celebrate Christmas although that knowledge has mostly been replaced by a superficial idea of Christmas and the real reason for celebration fell into oblivion and only survived in more secretive societies and traditions. It was mainly a natural cause for celebration as the food was scarce, starvation and famine were common during the first months of the winter, and the midwinter festival was the last feast before deep winter began.  Animals were slaughtered so they would not have to be fed during the winter, so it was almost the only time of year when a plentiful supply of fresh meat was available. The majority of wine and beer made during the year was finally fermented and ready for drinking at this time. But of course, it has a deeper spiritual meaning as this birth symbolizes the birth of the spiritual Sun within each person. It derives from the understanding that we have an inner sun within as well, that can illuminate us and giving us light and life from within. 

Unfortunately, many religions have turned darkness into something evil, where it is actually natural and supposed to be respected as it is a natural force in nature and our planet.

In the Roman Empire, December 25th (in the Julian Calendar) date was celebrated as being the day when the Sun was born. As we have been taught, the son of God,

Jesus was supposedly also born that day as well. The story of a virgin giving birth on this day can be found in many ancient cultures for e.g. such as the goddess Isis giving birth to Horus. This date was corresponding to the date of the Winter solstice. Early Christians considered this a likely date for their savior’s nativity, as it was commonly held that the world was created on March 25th at the time and that Christ had been conceived on that date, being born 9 months later on the Winter solstice. This whole story is based on ancient wisdom and astrology. The sun’s passage across time and space, the 12 months, was the 12 disciples, etc. That doesn’t take away that Christ existed, but I think we can question the timing of the birth of Jesus Christ and that the date of his birth was purposely manipulated (moved from his real birth date that supposedly was in August) to coincidence with the birth of the sun god.

The reason for this was probably a way for the elite of the times to control the masses, make people start worshipping and creating a religion rather than following the natural flow of life. An excellent book that I can recommend that thoroughly discusses this issue is, The Path Of The Spiritual Sun. 

The 2020 great conjunction

Today December 21st Jupiter and Saturn will form conjunction during the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the Southern hemisphere. When their orbits align every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn get extremely close to one another. Jupiter orbits the Sun every 12 years, while Saturn’s orbit takes Thirty years, so every few decades Jupiter laps Saturn.

This will be the closest conjunction of these two major planets since 1623 and the closest observable since 1226. 

This conjunction – often called ‘The Great Conjunction’ is especially rare – it takes place within the very first degree of progressive Aquarius and will be the first in an air sign for more than 200 years. 

Jupiter and Saturn will be so close that they will appear to form a “Double Planet.” This rare alignment and the planetary meeting will create a glimmering light, often referred to as the “Star of Bethlehem” or the “Christmas Star.” According to some astronomers, it is believed that this is once in lifetime alignment was the triple alignment between Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus in the story of the three wise men, which means that we are expecting a new Christ or perhaps a new Christ consciousness on this planet. 

This also shows that we are at the beginning of the age of Aquarius and ending the cycle of Pisces, something else is needed now, something much more intelligent and future-minded to create a better future for our planet. The effects of the Great Conjunction on the world stage may not be immediately apparent but will shift our collective understanding gradually over the coming 20 years. 

 According to other sources, there are some other astrological configurations, which are part of this grand conjunction. Alcyone is the central star of the Pleiadean star cluster, and also trining the M87 galaxy in Virgo cluster, which is one of the most important extra-galactic sources for planetary evolution. This could mean that we are up for some great changes for humankind both globally and personally. 

This grand trine will create a super-powerful energy flash going through our solar system and entering also towards the surface of the planet. We will have a great flash of energy going through the planetary surface grid and that is why it is so important to honor this energy and the opportunity it brings to raise global consciousness on the planet.

How can we use the energies of today in the best way? 

I encourage you to embrace the darkness, take time to be still, face your fears, and listen to your body. Darkness is part of life, and if you fight it, seeing it as evil, you are fighting against life, which is unnecessary and exhausting. Be curious about it instead. Ask yourself, what are your greatest fears? Do some necessary shadow work and release the things that are no longer bringing you joy in life. Meditate, take a salt bath, light candles and be grateful for everything happening in your life, even the dark times because without them you wouldn’t know the light and joy. Invite the light back into your life and if you do believe in Jesus Christ why not allow that energy to fill you up from within. To me, Jesus is the pure form of love energy that also can be symbolized by the physical Sun. 

 Enjoy this amazing time.

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